• Jaeyoung Geoffrey Kang

One Peace a Day

This project was inspired by a news story about researchers in Norway discovering a dying whale whose stomach was full of over 30 discarded plastic bags. The One Peace A Day project consisted of a team of dedicated students who came together to create an educational art piece and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution. The sculpture, a giant life-sized whale decorated with string-lights, was constructed with plastic waste to symbolize the importance of recycling and the effects that plastic pollution has on our oceans. Each team member collected PVC pipes, discarded bags, and plastic bottles to form the main body of the whale, while the skeleton was constructed from a reusable trash can and pencil holders. In addition to these individualized efforts, the collective team worked together to fund-raising for the building materials necessary to construct the whale itself. The whale was on display for a day at the Huntington City Beach and another day in front of the Bowers Museum, where many people could interact with the art piece and the students. I was a part of the reconstruction of the whale for the Bowers Museum and designed its poster and I also took photographs of the entire build and display process for its initial construction.

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