• Jaeyoung Geoffrey Kang


The Beauty

In Catholicism Virgin Mary is an important figure since she gave birth to Jesus, which Catholics give her a large amount of credit for giving birth to their God figure. This figurine of the Virgin Mary in the photo is a nightlight that was a gift from my mom to my grandmother and later on was gifted to me before my grandmother passed. The picture is subjected to conveying the beauty of motherhood. Even though the picture as a whole may be beautiful, not every part of it is beautiful, such as the dried up and dead petals. Motherhood is such a valuable part of life, but not every part of It is celebrated due to the labor and time it consumes out of a woman’s life. Without the sacrifice of mothers, the world we live in right now would not have been possible. Also, within the photo, the Virgin Mary figure is not the object in total focus and is a bit in the background. This exemplifies how mothers do their work not as the main characters in our lives, but as immense support, just as how the figure is still a large portion of the photo. Without the figure, the photo would not have the same beauty as it has right now, just as our lives would not have its value as we do now without motherhood and our mother figures.

I brought the figurine to various locations to take pictures and convey the beauty of motherhood with different backgrounds and compositions with the figurine. The overall message with the photos together was to convey how mothers are always there for us regardless of the location. 

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