• Jaeyoung Geoffrey Kang

At the Top

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The exploration within myself as a Liberal Catholic

As an outspoken person, when I first accepted my faith as a Catholic, my beliefs as a Catholic and opinions as a Liberal began to clash, I began getting questioned by others about this conflict between faith and political beliefs. However, through exploring the Bible and Catholicism more in depth and developing my knowledge, I found that support for my opinions grew stronger through my faith.

    This artwork exemplifies this journey. When coming to the final edge of the hike, a hiker has travelled a long way, overcoming various challenges that may slow you down, like slipping, falling, or snakes. However, when at the top, the hiker has  accomplished defeating these hardships. The man standing at the edge of the cliff symbolizes the person who goes through this harsh journey by himself. The beautiful scenery at the end with the glowing praying hands printed on the sun and the lights revolving around the sun shows the harmony between my faith and opinion.

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