Inside My Film Work

Hello, and welcome to my Film Student Portfolio. As a passionate student with a great work ethic, I always try to push my personal and creative boundaries with each new project. Continue browsing my site to explore and watch some of the latest film projects I’ve been working on, and get in touch with any questions.

American Food: The Culinary Diversity


The defining of the unclear definition of American Food, and through the cultural context behind the definition of American food we attempt to understand the diversity behind the American identity.

The Next Generation of Ocean Conservationists


Our generation is aware of the dangers of pollution, yet we lack the initiative to take steps towards protecting our oceans. This film introduces Chloe, an active young Ocean Conservationist, and through exploring her life, we encourage action for everyone. 

Give Back


In the current atmosphere where volunteering is widely promoted, what does volunteering really mean? Through the Irvine Volunteer Association and their service at Rainbow House, the film attempts to explore through the true definition of volunteering and how limitless it is.



Two conflicted roommates express their hatred for each other without a word, which is caused by their extremely different personalities and lifestyle. The film shows how a conflict, even big, starts from something small and can end with a small solution. 

See You Soon


When a pair of lonely homeschooled penpals try to meet in person, they struggle through fear, miscommunication, and freak accidents that keep them apart until they decide that they will continue to fight for their relationship despite how difficult the universe and their own fears make it.

Read My Mind

Assistant Director

Two friends who just graduated from high school and are about to explore their own pathways as they go off to college meet before they leave at their high school bathroom during summer. The film tries to explore the fact that people never say what they mean in life, especially when it counts. The film attempts to relate to the people who were too scared to say what they felt, and inspire people to speak their mind, because minds can’t be read.

Whipped Cream Cake

Assistant Director

A daughter of an Asian household attempts to fix the disconnection in her family by celebrating her mom's birthday. The film explores the disconnection common in Asian families due to the importance of other aspects of the family than the connection.



Five very different friends get together for a last game of UNO before they leave for college. The film explores the unexpected connection between people ignited by a simple subject like a card game but also broken easily, exemplifying the simplicity and complexity in human relationships by breaking stereotypes through comedy.